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Who pays my wage loss, medical bills and how much am I eligible for?

Wage loss and medical expenses are covered under the “no-fault” coverage portion of your auto insurance policy. No-fault coverage is usually tied to each person’s own coverage, but there are circumstances where the car you are in or a relative’s vehicle may be responsible for the coverage. An attorney is often in the best position […]

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What is the normal time frame for a settlement or jury verdict?

Most insurance companies do not want to discuss settlement until one year has passed from the date of collision. The lapse is to ensure that treatment is set and the injuries are clear. Our firm has settled cases as fast as one week (for serious injuries with limited insurance coverage) and have worked on cases […]

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What is subrogation?

Subrogation usually relates to a health insurance plan seeking to be reimbursed from a settlement or jury verdict for the money they have already spent. The law varies depending on whether your health insurance is private or controlled by ERISA. Our lawyers will review your policy and minimize the amount repaid from your settlement.

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What is my case worth?

The best way for us to answer that question is to talk directly to you about your case. We will give you a free evaluation and walk you through the entire process. One of our attorneys will also meet with you in person to help get a case started. Submit our free consultation form or […]

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