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This fact would be investigated by our firm. The driver may not have insurance, but the owner may. If no one has insurance coverage, you are eligible to receive compensation for your injures with an uninsured motorist claim under your own insurance. This coverage is much like the “no-fault” coverages. Uninsured coverage is something you already pay for with your premiums and is mandatory in Minnesota. Using the uninsured coverage will not raise your premiums.

If you did not obtain auto insurance on your own vehicle, our attorneys may be able to find other sources of coverage. You may be eligible for assigned claims, which is sponsored by the State of Minnesota. Assigned claims has specific eligibility requirements that our lawyers can best explain over the phone or in person.

If you own a car or live with a relative who owns a car without insurance, you are not eligible for assigned claims. Instead you will have to wait until your cases is settled or won at trial to force the at fault party to pay. There was controversy in this area until the Munoz case, won by Steven Terry at the Court of Appeals, clarified that the at fault party is ultimately responsible for all unpaid bills and wage loss, even if the injured party broke the law by not having auto insurance. We will gladly provide a copy of the Munoz case to you if you email us.

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