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Wage loss and medical expenses are covered under the “no-fault” coverage portion of your auto insurance policy. No-fault coverage is usually tied to each person’s own coverage, but there are circumstances where the car you are in or a relative’s vehicle may be responsible for the coverage. An attorney is often in the best position to determine eligibility. This coverage is coined “no-fault” because no matter how the crash occurred, no matter who was at fault, your policy or the policy on the car you were in would be responsible for this type of coverage. Please note that your rates cannot go up, unless you were more than 50% at fault.

Once the coverage is determined, the same insurance company will pay both wage loss and medical expenses. The typical coverage is $20,000 for each, with wage losses being paid out at a rate of 85% of your weekly wage with a cap of $250 per week. There are exceptions when policies are “stacked” and our attorneys would verify if you are eligible for that premium option.

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