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Most insurance companies do not want to discuss settlement until one year has passed from the date of collision. The lapse is to ensure that treatment is set and the injuries are clear. Our firm has settled cases as fast as one week (for serious injuries with limited insurance coverage) and have worked on cases as long as seven years with court cases and appeals. The average is one year with the attorney taking into consideration the client’s desires and special circumstances. It simply depends on the facts of the case.

All cases have a legal time limit to file a lawsuit. Most claims are settled without a judge. The attorney and insurance company agree on a fair value. If there are liability disputes or value disagreements, a lawsuit may be filed, with the client’s permission.

All attorneys need to recognize the legal time limits to settle or sue out a case. In Minnesota, the general Statute of Limitations (legal time limit) for a car crash is 6 years. As with many facets of the law, Statute of Limitations vary and it can be as short as 6 months to bring a claim. To make matters more complicated, some cases have different claims, each with a different time limit. Please call our firm now to discuss your case if you feel the Statute is even remotely close to passing.

Remember, if your claim is not legally started within the time limit, it will be barred forever, no matter how meritorious the claim may be. Minnesota law is different from other states in a simple notice to the at fault party DOES NOT stop the running of the Statute. Our attorneys will properly start a claim and ensure the Statute does not run out.

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