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A head on collision on I-94 ramp killed an unborn child and critically injured the mother, Tao Thao. Her 10 year-old son, Alex, is also in critical condition.

The accident happened at 11:45 p.m. on Saturday night. The Minnesota State Patrol reported that a Toyota Tundra, driven by Connie Stroud, 42, of Minneapolis, was going the wrong way on the 49th Ave. Ramp on northbound I-94 and hit a Toyota Sienna mini van head on. Yia Vang, 33, also of Minneapolis, was driving the van and suffered minor injuries.

All of the Vang children were in the van with their parents. Their names are Alex, Lucky, Michelle, Jackie, and Kelly. They range in age from 10 years old down to 3 years old. The four younger children all suffered minor injuries. all the injured were taken to North Memorial Hospital.

The accident is still under investigation. It has not been determined, yet, whether alcohol played a part in the accident. Although on the evening news, State Patrol Captain Matt Langer said that the driver was intoxicated.

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In 1949, Minnesota was the first state to include a cause of action for the wrongful death of an unborn child. In Minnesota, to bring an action for the wrongful death of an unborn child, it is necessary to:

  • prove the standard elements of wrongful death
    • a human death occurred
    • that death was due to negligence on the part of another
    • financial loss was suffered by the beneficiaries due to the Minnesota wrongful death
  • additionally, must show that the fetus was viable (able to live outside the womb)

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